City of Helsinki awards Kumpula Campus Innovation Project over One Million Euros

The 1.18 million euros from the Helsinki innovation fund will be used to build an innovation campus in Kumpula.

The business division of the Helsinki City government decided at its meeting on 8 December 2022 to award a total of 1,177,830 euros for the implementation of the Kumpula innovation campus project during the years 2023–2025.

The purpose of the Kumpula innovation campus project is to develop the innovative environment of the campus as a part of the new innovation efforts at the University of Helsinki, and to consolidate the extensive research and innovation cooperation with companies on campus. The aim is to create an innovation platform for topics of artificial intelligence, sustainability, and deep technology – a cluster to bring together industry and research.

The innovation potential of Kumpula relies heavily on a pre-assessment made in cooperation with the City of Helsinki. The project will implement the action plan made in the assessment. The project is significant when it comes to business policy, and it has the potential to create a wide impact and improving the skills base.

More details about the project

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Decision proposal (only in Finnish)