University of Helsinki third in the Nordics in the NTU ranking

The University of Helsinki ranked 71st in the international National Taiwan University ranking. Last year, the University placed at 69. The only Nordic institutions to place higher were the University of Copenhagen and the Karolinska Institutet, as was the case last year.

The other highest ranking Finnish universities were the University of Turku at 304 and Aalto University at 332.

The University of Helsinki’s field-specific rankings were Agriculture at 28, Life Sciences at 70, Natural Sciences at 83, Clinical Medicine at 84 and Social Sciences at 121. The NTU ranking excludes the humanities.

It should be noted that the NTU uses its own classification of fields in the field-specific rankings, based on the article classification used in the Web of Science database. This classification does not directly correspond to the University of Helsinki’s faculties or disciplines. These ranking results cannot be used to compare different fields with one another, as there may be variations in the number of universities involved in a given field and the competitive situation between the universities.

The NTU ranking is based on publication and citation data alone.  The ranking uses a total of eight bibliometric indicators, some of which are long term (past 11 years) and some short term (past two years).

Even though the University of Helsinki’s overall ranking dipped slightly, two important short-term indicators improved: the citation index and the h index, which measures both the amount and impact of research publications. One short-term indicator dropped: the number of articles in high-impact journals.

The results of the four central university rankings for 2016 have now been published.

The University of Helsinki’s rankings:

Shanghai 56.

QS 91.

Times Higher Education (THE) 91.

NTU 71.

The average of these rankings is 77, the same as last year.

“The last significant ranking of the year has again established the University of Helsinki's strong position among the one hundred best universities in the world. I would like to again extend my warmest gratitude to all our staff who have made this possible. Every member of staff is doing valuable work individually, and we are cooperating more and more," says Jukka Kola, Rector of the University of Helsinki.