University of Helsinki reorganises its administration

The old administrative organisation is being dismantled, and the positions in the new service organisation will be opened to internal applications, states the first instalment of the employer’s report.

The University of Helsinki has announced the decisions made based on the cooperation negotiations in the first instalment of the employer’s report (link). The first instalment focuses on the new service organisation.

The new University Services organisation encompasses the entire University and enables service implementation, management and development in a user-driven and cost-effective way. The goal of the new organisation is to remove overlaps, ensure that staff competence is used more comprehensively and reduce administrative costs. One of the main objectives of the new service organisation is to ensure sufficient on-site services for University units. At the moment, the University of Helsinki’s administration comprises more than 50 separate units.  

New positions to be filled through an internal application process

All of the University’s administrative duties will be reorganised in the new system, and consequently, all job descriptions will be updated. The new positions will be filled through a University-internal application process.

The second instalment of the employer’s report is likely to be issued on Wednesday, 27 January, and it will include the remaining decisions based on the cooperation negotiations.