The University of Helsinki to participate in the Pride parade for the first time

According to Vice-Rector Tom Böhling, the University of Helsinki is taking part in the Pride Week since equality is one of the University’s values.

This year the University of Helsinki is for the first time officially taking part in the Helsinki Pride parade. Helsinki Pride is a LGBTIQ culture and human rights event held on 29 June.

“The University of Helsinki represents non-discrimination and equality on all levels. By taking part in the Pride parade, we are demonstrating to our staff and students as well as to society that the University stands by its values,” Vice-Rector Tom Böhling says.

Anyone who considers themselves part of the University community is welcome to march alongside the University of Helsinki. In fact, Vice-Rector Böhling invites the staff, students and alumni to join the Pride festivities.

“I haven’t personally participated in the parade before, and I'm looking forward to a joyous Pride atmosphere. Even though I am attending in the role of a vice-rector, I am also there because I personally find it important to be part of an event that highlights serious and important issues with a positive and cheerful approach.”

For several years already, the University of Helsinki has had a comprehensive equality and diversity plan in place for the University’s operations, in addition to which the University has also previously taken part in Pride. In previous years, rainbow flags have been flown in honour of Pride on the University’s campuses and the University Library has organised a Pride-themed event, among other activities.

Pride Week at the University of Helsinki

Helsinki Pride Week is celebrated from 24 to 30 June. The eventful week culminates in a parade that will run through the city centre.

On 27 June (15.00–16.30) the ‘Pride: Change is Coming – Different Voices!’ event will be held at Think Corner. The programme includes addresses by President Tarja Halonen and Vice-Rector Böhling, as well as a panel discussion. Voluntary registration with an electronic form.

Much like last year, a book exhibition in Kaisa House introduces LGBTIQ-themed material from the collections of Helsinki University Library. The exhibition is open for two weeks from the beginning of Pride Week, from 24 June to 5 July, at Guidance Corner on the third floor of Kaisa House. This year the themes of the exhibition are gender diversity and the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement.

The Pride parade is open to all. You may register (not required) for the parade together with the University of Helsinki by using an electronic form. By registering, you will receive a t-shirt.

Rainbow flags will be flown during Pride Week on all university campuses.

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