University of Helsinki to introduce fees for new non-EU/EEA students as of autumn 2017

University of Helsinki will introduce fees for non-EU students from 1.8.2017. According to Rector Jukka Kola, the fees will range from 10 000 to 25 000 euros. The fees will only apply to new, non-EU students in English-taught Bachelors’ and Masters’ programmes. The decision does not apply to EU/EEA students.

– Students currently enrolled at the University have no cause for concern, as the fees will only be charged from students commencing their studies in the autumn term 2017, says the University’s Head of International Affairs, Markus Laitinen.

The fees for individual degree programmes will be determined by Vice-Rector Keijo Hämäläinen by May 31, 2016. In determining the fees, the University will make use of internationally comparative data on pricing acquired from external experts. Students will pay the same fee for the duration of their studies, but the University will re-examine the fees level on an annual basis for new student cohorts.

The majority of fees income will be channeled to degree programmes

According to the rector’s decision, 60% of the fees income will be directed to the degree programmes in order to support their implementation and future development. 25 % of the income will be used to fund a scholarship programme, while the remainder will be used to improve marketing and recruitment efforts and various support measures, such as accommodation services.

– Services which improve employment prospects are very important for our international students. The added professional value of a university degree is one of the most important selection criteria for globally mobile students, says Esko Koponen from the University’s Academic Affairs.

Scholarship programme supports international students

The Universities’ Act requires universities to run a scholarship programme to support fee-paying international students. The primary purpose of the scholarship portfolio of the University of Helsinki will be to enhance student recruitment and to ensure the University’s competitiveness for global talent. The awarding of grants and scholarships will be based on prospective students’ applications, not forgetting the availability of financial incentives for second-year students. The programme will consist of partial and full fee-waivers and scholarships towards the cost of living.

– In trying to recruit and secure the commitment of the best possible students, scholarships will be crucial, says Markus Laitinen.

The newly approved University of Helsinki Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 calls for further internationalisation and aims at increasing the share of international students significantly. These goals will be reached with strong degree programmes currently under review, effective support services and high-quality infrastructure.

Further information and enquiries

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