The University of Helsinki improves placing in the National Taiwan University ranking

The University of Helsinki climbed two places from 81st to 79th in the National Taiwan University (NTU) ranking that is based exclusively on publication and citation data.

The University of Helsinki is 79th and the third highest-ranking university of the NTU ranking in the Nordic countries, only to be preceded by the University of Copenhagen (21st) and Karolinska Institutet (44th). Harvard University tops the NTU ranking with Oxford University being the top-ranking European university taking 5th place overall. 

The NTU ranking employs bibliometric methods to analyze and to rank the scientific paper performances such as the number of articles, citations, and publications. Therefore the fluctuations in the results are less rapid in comparison with other university rankings.

The most successful disciplines in the NTU ranking for the University of Helsinki were agriculture (30th), life sciences (62nd) and clinical medicine (91st). The ranking does not measure all the disciplines, for example, the arts and humanities are not included in the results.

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