The University of Helsinki congratulates Peking University on its 120th anniversary with a silver medal

Peking University, one of the most esteemed universities in the world, celebrates its 120th anniversary on May 4.5. 2018. The University of Helsinki wishes to convey its warmest congratulations and awards a silver medal to its strategic partner.

On the obverse of the medal, designed by Sculptor Kalervo Kallio in 1957, the design depicts profiles of a youth and a maiden and behind them "the muse of science" showing them the way with a laurel branch in her hand. In the background is the facade of the University Main Building. The silver medal is now awarded first time to a Chinese university as the symbol of special honour and gratitude.

Professor Jukka Kola, Rector of the University of Helsinki, will offer the greetings to Peking University in the anniversary celebration, during which also the World University Presidents Forum and Beijing 2018 forum will be held. The forum gathers presidents from leading universities in the world to discuss globalization, technological and societal development and the role of universities in a changing world. Professor Kola will give a speech in a panel devoted to Modern University Systems.

Since 2015, Peking University has been a strategic partner of the University of Helsinki. The partnership and its four research spearheads has boosted the University of Helsinki’s China cooperation to a completely new level. The worlds’s leading geoscientist, Academy Professor Markku Kulmala, member both in the Academy of Finland and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leads ambitious research cooperation on air quality.

Cooperation in law takes place under the leadership of Professor Kimmo Nuotio. Joint publications have been published in the esteemed Peking University Law Journal.

Professor Hannele Niemi has been chairing research groups on innovative ways to learn and teach - fruits of this collaboration can be read in the joint publication New Ways to Teach and Learn in China and Finland.

In medical cooperation led by Professor Risto Renkonen, there is vast potential in cancer research in particular.