The University of Helsinki and the University of Nairobi launch strategic partnership

The two universities signed an agreement on cooperation to solve major global challenges in health, food security and teacher education. This is the first strategic partnership for the University of Helsinki in Africa. A new multidisciplinary community of students and researchers will be built.

The cooperation with the University of Nairobi focuses on three spear-heads where the universities already run several impactful research projects:

1. One Health  

Helsinki One Health encourages various disciplines and professions to work together to resolve emerging health problems concerning animal and human populations worldwide. 
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2.  Food security 

3. Teacher Education 

Early Career Champions Mentoring programme starts 

The first concrete step of the newly launched partnership is the take-off for the new mentoring scheme for young researchers:  Early Career Champions Mentoring Programme 
The programme supports the cultivation of talent and career advancement of early career researchers, with a focus on mobility, mentoring and entrepreneurial skills. It is open for doctoral students at the University of Helsinki and the University of Nairobi in all disciplines and faculties with a focus on One Health. The call will open on April 12th. 

”The vision of our new strategy is For the World. Africa is important to us globally. In a strategic partnership, we act in both senses of the phrase “the best in the world”. We make the world a better place, and we collaborate at a high level with one of the best universities on the continent”, Hanna Snellman, Vice-Rector states. 

Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen’s speech focused on youth: 

“Empowering the next generation is the smartest investment on future.  This is why I am increasing EU’s spending on education in partner countries with 10%. In line with our new Africa strategy high-quality, international academic cooperation between our continents needs to be scaled up”.  

She continued: “Your partnership rightly focuses on health, food security and teacher training. As a former teacher I am convinced that teacher training plays a crucial role in improving learning outcomes. Congratulations on this milestone”!  

“Now that we have officially started we have lots of ambitious plans for the future, in research and beyond. For instance, we will work actively for an increased virtual and physical mobility for students from both universities when the pandemic is over”,  Anna-Maria Salmi, Head of Development, explains. 

The festive virtual signing ceremony took place during the anniversary week of the 381st birthday of the University of Helsinki when Rector Sari Lindblom and Vice-Chancellor Stephen Kiama from the University of Nairobi signed the agreement.

Follow the progamme here.

Further information: 
Hanna Snellman, Vice-Rector, University of Helsinki 
+358 294122621  

Anna-Maria Salmi, Head of Development, University of Helsinki 
+358 504151687