Rector Sari Lindblom: The University has a responsibility to generate understanding of conflicts

The University of Helsinki considers it very important to be a safe place for all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their background. We wish to uphold a constructive and respectful space for discussion.

It is the role of the University to channel new knowledge and research-based views to society through its research and teaching. This also applies to the current conflict in the Middle East. Our teachers and researchers are in a position to explain the background and significance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to raise awareness thereof. Building bridges between differing views is very much part of universities’ societal mission.

The University refrains from making political statements. We condemn the use of all violence and war crimes and wish that universities and other higher education institutions in the conflict area will be able to safely resume their operations. In line with many others, we hope to see the end of human suffering in the Middle East.