Rector Sari Lindblom: “Research-based knowledge provides solutions and leads through crises”

Rector Sari Lindblom emphasized the importance of research-based information in building a sustainable society and solving the most important issues for our future in her anniversary speech. She also emphasized the importance of long-term research funding.

– We want to generate wellbeing in Finland in a sustainable manner. In this, long-term and secure research funding is of key importance. We want to carry on our centuries-long work for the benefit of society, rector Sari Lindblom said in her Anniversary speech to the University’s stakeholders on 25 March 2022.

According to Lindblom decision-makers and the academic community share the responsibility for ensuring a high level of expertise in our society. The role of the university is widely essential in society.

Lindblom highlighted many issues that currently shake society. Here research can provide a reliable and solid foundation to build upon.

– We have recent experience of the swiftly developed coronavirus vaccines and are now better skilled in identifying new viruses. We have taken steps towards low-emission energy production, as researchers have succeeded in producing more fusion energy than ever before. We can build peace when we understand how social media bubbles and influencing through information affect us, Lindblom continued.

Long-term and guaranteed research funding is the key to sustainable well-being

Lindblom commented upon research funding. The Finnish government will continue discuss funding of the Academy of Finland as well as research, development and innovation funding in a few weeks time.

– I have strong confidence that there will be no cuts to the Academy’s funding. By investing in innovations based on cutting edge research and science, we can achieve the government's target of 4 % of GDP by 2030. We only have eight years to reach this target. We must act now.

Innovations and development of education – together with the city of Helsinki

Lindblom emphasized, that the University is an integral part of society, the surrounding city and our common sphere of life. Even though University has a strong presence in all of Finland, its impact is the greatest in Helsinki. Concrete examples of collaboration between the City and the University include the development of schools and education.

– Collaboration engaging Meilahti Campus and the University supports the wellbeing of Helsinki residents, as the healthcare system benefits from medical research on the campus and the work of the academic community at the Helsinki University Hospital. On Viikki Campus, the University and the City are collaborating to create an innovation hub which will seek solutions to modern food production and other global sustainability challenges by joining the forces of research, teaching and the business sector.

The Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences will soon move to Kumpula Campus.

– It will then be easy to boost upper secondary school education with the latest scientific discoveries and enable upper secondary school students to complete university-level courses if they so wish, Lindblom said.

Rector Sari Lindblom’s speech on the 382nd Anniversary eve will be available on 25.3. at 11 a.m. on the University’s YouTube channel. You can also read the whole speech on our website.

More information: rector Sari Lindblom,, tel. 029 412 2210 (Executive Assistant Maija Roitto).