Professor Anne Toppinen appointed as the new HELSUS Director

Anne Toppinen, professor of forest economics and marketing, has been appointed the director of HELSUS, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. She is succeeding Jari Niemelä, who began serving as the rector of the University of Helsinki.

Anne Toppinen has been investigating responsible business management in the forestry sector, making HELSUS a natural next step on her career path.

“HELSUS is a new research platform with a great number of excellent scholars on board. Working with them is very motivating. The challenges of sustainability are typically so called wicked problems, for which no easy fixes exist. I want to take part in finding answers and solutions to them,” says Toppinen.

The scope of sustainability challenges is such that solving them requires wide-ranging multidisciplinary expertise and entirely novel approaches.

“The goal of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science is to integrate sustainability thinking into teaching, while further expanding public engagement. Problems cannot be solved within the halls of the University, but through extensive collaboration with all sectors of society.”

Responsible investigator of forest bioeconomy

Anne Toppinen’s background is in forest economics. In 1998, she graduated as a doctor of science in agriculture and forestry, working ever since as a researcher at, among others, the Finnish Forest Research Institute and the European Forest Institute, as well as in the position of a visiting assistant professor at Oregon State University. Toppinen has since 2008 worked as a professor atthe University of Helsinki..

Toppinen’s research has focused on the development of responsible business management in bioeconomy and circular economy. Together with her research group Forest bioeconomy, business and sustainability, she has studied corporate strategy and behaviour, as well as CSR communications. The new HELSUS director has also been teaching on corporate responsibility in the forestry sector and bioeconomy.

Professor Anne Toppinen will assume the position of director of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS on 1 September 2018.

The University of Helsinki’s Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS combines sustainability research and education into a cross-disciplinary and cross-campus hub. HELSUS provides researchers with an inspirational multidisciplinary environment that encourages investigating, experimenting and looking for the best possible solutions for a sustainable future.

Contact details:

Professor Anne Toppinen

University of Helsinki

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Forest Sciences

tel. +358 2941 57966