Peking University’s Vice President Tian Gang visiting the University of Helsinki

Vice President Tian Gang from Peking University met the University of Helsinki’s leadership to discuss new openings and visited the Meilahti campus to learn about the latest developments in Life Science.

“In the Shanghai ranking our universities share exactly the same 57th position, which is a nice coincidence. I am really pleased that our universities are engaged in world-class research also more intensively together“, said vice-rector Hanna Snellman as she welcomed the delegation of Peking University to Helsinki in the University’s own living room, Think Corner.

During recent years, joint publications have emerged in a number of fields, including law. The director of the China Law Center, Professor Ulla Liukkunen told the delegation about the latest developments in law cooperation. The researchers’ most recent joint project focuses on transnational law and the position of Chinese workers in Africa.

Professor Tian Gang and his delegation also paid a visit to the Meilahti campus, where professor Risto Renkonen, dean of the Faculty of Medicine introduced them to the Faculty of Medicine. This was followed by introductions to the Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) and its units by professor Olli Silvennoinen, director of the Institute of Biotechnology (BI), professor Mark Daly, director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) as well as academy professor Eero Castrén from the Neuroscience Center. The delegation also toured the campus and paid visits to the student entrepreneurship society Think Company and Fimmic, a spin-off company established by University of Helsinki’s medical researchers.

A new opening in the cooperation between the University of Helsinki and Peking University is a summer school in Life Science, which will kick off in Helsinki in August 2019, and take place in Beijing the following summer of 2020. Four doctoral programs from the Doctoral School in Health Sciences are involved. -The summer school provides an excellent network for young scholars and paves the way for broader cooperation as well, as we will also boost cooperation at the post doctoral level, says senior adviser Dr. Erkki Raulo, who is in charge of the coordination of the Summer School at the University of Helsinki.

Life Science students from both universities will run a first workshop already in December 2018 at PKU. At the same time, vice-rector Hanna Snellman who is in charge of University of Helsinki’s international strategic partnerships will visit Peking University for the first time.

During his visit, Vice President Tian Gang also met rector Jari Niemelä who is delighted to witness new concrete joint activities. “A more intensive cooperation between our world-class universities increases our impact as global actors as well, he notes.“

The University of Helsinki and Peking University (PKU) established a strategic partnership in 2015 with the aim of boosting scientific breakthroughs in a number of research fields.

More information on University of Helsinki’s international strategic partnerships from Head of Development Anna-Maria Salmi ( and on the Summer School in Life Science, senior adviser Erkki Raulo (