Kaarle Hämeri took up office as chancellor of the University of Helsinki

The new chancellor looks forward to inspiring meetings and a sense of community.

Kaarle Hämeri took up office as chancellor of the University of Helsinki at the beginning of October.

– I hope that my term as chancellor will include plenty of inspiring meetings, a strong sense of community and, of course, success for the University as a whole, says Hämeri.

Kaarle Hämeri, DPhil, was chair of the Finnish Union of University Professors. He had previously served as professor of physics at the University of Helsinki since 2002, and as deputy head of the Department of Physics since 2010. He has worked as a researcher not only at the University of Helsinki, but also at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Stockholm University and Lund University as well as in a range of duties related to his field in Finland and abroad.

Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri on the University of Helsinki website

Twitter: @KaarleHameri

Pursuant to the Universities Act, the chancellor is in charge of promoting science and scholarship and the University’s community relations, as well as overseeing the University’s interests and activities. The chancellor has the right to be present and speak whenever the Government considers matters that have a bearing on the University of Helsinki. According to the University Regulations, the chancellor grants the titles of professor and docent. The chancellor shall also be in charge of inquiries concerning alleged violations of good scientific practice. As agreed regarding the division of labour with the University leadership, the chancellor shall manage the University’s fundraising efforts.