Kaarle Hämeri to become University of Helsinki Chancellor

The University Collegium has selected the new Chancellor for the University of Helsinki. Kaarle Hämeri, 52, Professor of Physics and Chair of the Finnish Union of University Professors, will begin his term of five years or less on 1 October 2017.

Ph.D. Kaarle Hämeri has served as a Professor of Physics at the University of Helsinki since 2002 and as the vice-head of the Department of Physics since 2010. In addition to the University of Helsinki, he has worked as a researcher at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the University of Stockholm and the University of Lund, and has served in several national and international positions in his field.

 “I want to make the University an even stronger and more united institute of scholarship,” says Hämeri of his work as Chancellor.

Nine people applied for the position of Chancellor: Ulla-Maija Forsberg, Mats Gyllenberg, Kaarle Hämeri, Jukka Kekkonen, Laura Kolbe, Jari Niemelä, Pertti Panula, Anne Pitkäranta and Patrik Scheinin. Of them, Hämeri, Kekkonen, Panula and Pitkäranta were shortlisted for the second round of the application process.

During the first round of the election, the votes were divided between the candidates: Hämeri 21, Kekkonen 15, Panula 8, Pitkäranta 3, 3 were absent and during the second round Hämeri 31, Kekkonen 16.

According to the Universities Act, the Chancellor is in charge of promoting science and scholarship and the university’s community relations, as well as overseeing the university’s interests and activities. The Chancellor has the right to be present and speak whenever the Government considers matters that have a bearing on the University of the Helsinki.

According to the University Regulations, the Chancellor grants the honorary title of professor and the title of docent. The Chancellor is also in charge of inquiries concerning alleged violations of the responsible conduct of research. The university leadership has agreed to assign the coordination of the university’s fundraising to the Chancellor.

Kaarle Hämeri’s introduction on the University of Helsinki’s webpage for chancellor candidates

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