Invitation to the University's anniversary celebration

Dear members and friends of the University community,

You are cordially invited to celebrate the University of Helsinki’s 380th anniversary on Thursday, 26 March 2020.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we will not convene physically, but will raise a toast remotely in honour of our venerable university. Hope to see you on social media!

From the perspective of the University's long history, we can safely say that we have been through a lot and will not be defeated by the current virus outbreak. Even if most of the buildings are closed, studies and research continue.

In the words of Rector Jari Niemelä, “Our community will carry us forward.”

Vice-Chair of the University Board Teija Tiilikainen has similar thoughts:

– None of us can manage alone. Cooperation and communication are important also between the University and the rest of society. Together we are stronger.

Programme of the annual celebration:

11.45 Prepare, in the manner best suited for you, to participate in the celebration from your couch at home on.

12.00 Rector Jari Niemelä and Director Teija Tiilikainen engage in a celebratory dialogue on YouTube.

Please share anniversary-related pictures, thoughts and greetings with the University community on social media and in Flamma’s Virtanen feed.

Join us in the anniversary celebration by using the hashtag #wearehelsinkiuni.

Dress code: Casual, but we do encourage you to take the festive occasion into account!

You can reach us here:

Twitter: @helsinkiuni

Instagram: universityofhelsinki

Facebook: University of Helsinki

J.V. Snellman Award

The recipient of the esteemed J.V. Snellman Award will be announced on 27 March at 9 AM. The award is granted annually to a member of the university community as a recognition of their outstanding efforts to communicate scientific research to people outside academia.