Gaudeamus activities purchased by the University of Helsinki

The science and non-fiction publisher Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press will transfer to the University of Helsinki’s ownership on 1 January 2016. Prior to the transaction, the University owned 8.3% of Gaudeamus. For the Gaudeamus staff, the change in ownership will mean no changes in their employment status.

Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press, which previously was part of the HYY Group, publishes high-quality non-fiction and science literature: popular science, research literature, textbooks, professional publications and political pamphlets.

Jukka Kola, rector of the University of Helsinki, believes it is important for the University to daringly build for the future, even in the current situation of diminishing University funding.

“Gaudeamus and the University of Helsinki are both leaders in their fields. The University sees the publishing of Finnish non-fiction as an honourable task of national significance. In future, we can together contribute significantly to the development of electronic publishing channels for science. This will benefit all Finns,” asserts Jukka Kola.

With the sale, the HYY Group, which is owned by the University of Helsinki Student Union, attempts to streamline its own operations and to safeguard the future of the publishing house.

“I am confident that even in challenging market conditions, books that are based on critical and high standard research and written in an appealing and intelligible fashion continue to be needed,” says Antti Kerppola, the CEO of HYY Group.

“The books published by Gaudeamus are important to the academic community as the published research literature advances scientific debate and offers new information. We also produce textbooks for students in institutions of higher education. Through high-quality textbooks students can best learn the important concepts of their fields. This ensures that we will have good researchers who are able to present their research topics in Finnish also in the future,” concludes Leena Kaakinen, publishing director of Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press.

Should you require additional information, we will be happy to answer any queries:

Marjo Berglund, CFO, University of Helsinki,, phone 0400 812 538
Antti Kerppola, CEO, HYY,, phone 045 353 2187