Four vice-rectors for the University of Helsinki

The new vice-rectors are Paula Eerola, Sari Lindblom, Tom Böhling and Hanna Snellman. The vice-rectors will begin their five-year terms on 1 August 2018.

The Board of the University of Helsinki has selected four new vice-rectors for the University. The vice-rectors' positions are full-time roles. The vice-rectors and their areas of responsibility are:

Paula Eerola (research and research infrastructure)
PhD Paula Eerola is Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Elementary Particle Physics at the University of Helsinki. As vice-rector, Eerola will be responsible for research and research infrastructure.

Sari Lindblom (teaching, academic affairs and admissions)
PhD Sari Lindblom is Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki and Professor of University Pedagogy at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Helsinki. As vice-rector, Lindblom will be responsible for teaching, academic affairs and admissions. Lindblom will serve as the deputy to the rector.     

Tom Böhling (bilingual affairs, community wellbeing and campus development)
MD Tom Böhling is Head of Medicum at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki and Professor of Pathology. As vice-rector, Böhling will be responsible for bilingual affairs, community wellbeing and campus development.

Hanna Snellman (internationalisation, partnerships and social interaction)
PhD Hanna Snellman is Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of Ethnology at the University of Helsinki. As vice-rector, Snellman will be responsible for internationalisation, partnerships and social interaction.

 “The goal was to put together an effective and cooperative team of vice-rectors, representing the various disciplines and campuses of the University and covering a diverse field of expertise. We also wanted to have equal representation of women and men. The duties of the vice-rectors will be further specified at a later date, and will also include the promotion of community spirit, equality and the wellbeing of the University community,” says Professor Jari Niemelä. Niemelä will begin his work as the rector of the University of Helsinki on 1 August 2018, which is also the start date of the five-year term of the vice rectors.  

Upon the rector’s proposal, the Board decided on the number, selection and duties of the vice-rectors based on the Regulations of the University. The matter was also discussed with the University Collegium.

The vice-rectors support the rector in the leadership of the University. They provide expert support for the rector and supervise the strategic preparation of academic and other matters within the framework of the division of labour assigned to them by the rector and approved by the Board of the University. The vice-rectors also assist the rector in cooperating with interest groups within the University as well as in national and international forums.