European research needs private investment

On the occasion of its 375th anniversary, the University of Helsinki was honoured to host Commissioner Carlos Moedas at the opening ceremony of the academic year. In his speech, Mr Moedas emphasised the importance of openness and unity.

“In my eyes, the future lies in open innovation, because openness fuels innovation,” said Mr Moedas, the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.

The commissioner stressed that real progress doesn't come from any one field alone. Open innovation is often found at the intersection of disciplines.

Moedas emphasised that although Horizon 2020 is the largest ever European research and innovation programme providing nearly 80 billion euros of public investment in science, innovative projects and research careers, it alone is not enough.

“We also need far more private investment. This is where there is the big gap, if we compare ourselves to the US or leading economies in Asia.”

“Unity amplifies our power”

The commissioner doesn’t see investing in Europe as just an economic, or an academic decision. “It is an investment in the ideals which bind us together as a community.”

Moedas would like to see more European universities take up the challenge of collaboration and opening up research results to the world.

“Our universities must become ever more outward-looking to maintain their academic leadership. Throwing doors open, does not mean compromising on research quality. It means embracing, with open arms, the wonders this new century has to offer,” Moedas stated at the ceremony on Monday, 31 August 2015.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas’ speech

Rector Jukka Kola’s speech

Recording of the ceremony