Eighteen researchers of the University of Helsinki among the world’s most cited scholars in their respective fields

Articles authored by University of Helsinki scholars of atmospheric sciences are often cited around the world. Eighteen researchers of the University made the list of the world’s most highly cited researchers. 

Altogether 18 University of Helsinki scholars have been placed on the Highly Cited Researchers list, an accomplishment achievable by scholars whose articles receive the most citations by other researchers around the globe. This year’s list is based on articles published between 2006 and 2016. 

Ten researchers from the University of Helsinki made the previous ranking.

The field of science with most citations at the University of Helsinki is atmospheric research. Nearly half of the most highly cited researchers of the University work at INAR, the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, headed by Professor Markku Kulmala. This year, four new researchers from INAR made the list. INAR employs 5% of the most highly cited researchers of geosciences in the world.  

 “This is proof of significant international scientific impact and leadership. I am extremely pleased with our achievement,” says Kulmala. 

According to Kulmala, sustained scientific work, the development of the SMEAR II station at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station and other research infrastructures, as well as significant new research findings account for the large share of highly cited INAR researchers.   

This time around, altogether 36 researchers working in Finland made the Highly Cited Researchers list, which only includes the single most highly cited percentile of the world’s researchers. The quality and impact of science is increasingly being assessed based on calculations and analyses of the number of times researchers cite each other’s publications or by comparing universities on an international scale.  

The University of Helsinki researchers on the Highly Cited Researchers list

Atmospheric sciences

Markku Kulmala@MarkkuKulmala1
Tuukka Petäjä  
Veli-Matti Kerminen  
Douglas Worsnop 
Ari Laaksonen (IL),  
Mikael Ehn
Mikko Sipilä  
Heikki Junninen@turms
Jonathan Duplissy@JonathanInFinl


Johan G. Eriksson
Jaakko Kaprio, @JKaprio
Mika Kivimäki  
Pertti Neuvonen 
Mikko Niemi@ProfNiemi
Samuli Ripatti@samrip
Jaakko Tuomilehto 

Life sciences 

Jaakko Kangasjärvi 

Biological sciences 

Willem de Vos 

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