The brand new Think Corner has the best discussions in town

The University of Helsinki’s new Think Corner offers the latest in research in the heart of the City Centre Campus, surrounded by passionate young students and wise senior researchers. Think Corner opened on 22 September and all of its facilities and services will launch in stages.

Think Corner launch theme: Small country, big change

The new Think Corner will launch with a topical programme focusing on the place of the 100-year-old Finland in a rapidly changing world. The autumn offers nearly 200 events at Think Corner and online.

Come discuss in a group about whether you’re alone if you’re with a robot, whether an immigrant can really grow roots in a new homeland, or where a person with no roots can find strength. How could we reconcile the new bioeconomy with biodiversity? What does Britain’s divorce from the EU mean for the world economy? At the open café events you can ask questions about the crisis of democracy and in the language workshops, you can learn to say “thank you” in ten languages, both modern and ancient.

Peacemakers in the event on 5 October will feature Hussein Al-Taee, Pekka Haavisto and Eva Biaudet, while on 18 October, the rapper Paleface will perform at the World Political Experience, with a visit from President Tarja Halonen.

  • Read the Think Corner programme here.

Think Corner – a shared workspace in the city centre

Think Corner is an open work space where anyone can come work on their project. Feedback will be collected during the autumn on how well the shared facilities work. To have your say about the programme, space and the ways we work, come visit Think Corner soon! We will use the feedback to polish Think Corner into the kind of diamond people wish to have.

The upper floors of Think Corner will be occupied by Reaktor and the lower ones by UniSport Kluuvi, which opened on 21 September. The building is also home to Helsinki Think Company. Think Corner Café is being run by Fazer and the Think Corner Shop, which will open later, by Rosebud.

You can also book Think Corner facilities for meetings and events. For example, a public briefing or a seminar event organised in cooperation with the University would be perfect for the space. 

Allies in cooperation

The University of Helsinki’s Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4) was carried out through alliance contracting, in which the client, the architecture company JKMM Arkkitehdit and the contractor SRV worked in close cooperation from the very beginning of the project.

The primary architect for Think Corner was the Helsinki-based JKMM Arkkitehdit. The company operates in a wide variety of architectural fields, designing buildings, interiors and urban spaces. JKMM’s portfolio includes the libraries of Turku and Seinäjoki, the Viikki Church, Finland’s country pavilion “Kirnu” in the Shanghai World Expo as well as the new main office of OP Financial Group. They are currently working on the Amos Rex art museum and the Kesko K-Kampus project in Kalasatama, Helsinki.

Think Corner’s contractor SRV is a pioneer of the construction business, offering the best customer experience in urban construction and constantly striving to be the most interesting place to work in the business. SRV is a publicly listed company established in 1987 which operates in several urban centres in Finland, Russia and Estonia. In 2016, the turnover of the company was €884 million.