19 applicants for the position of rector of the University of Helsinki

The rector’s term of office is five years, from 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2028.

By the closing date of 16 January 2023, 19 individuals applied for the position of rector of the University of Helsinki.

Persons who submitted an application:

Dmitry Gultsev
Sabahudin Hadzialic
Mika Hämäläinen
Maryam Irani
Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski
Camilla Josephson
Jari Matias Kinaret
Sari Lindblom
Hamid Masud
Jukka Tapio Mähönen
Marke Johanna Mäkelä
Kai Nordlund
Kimmo Nuotio
Sami Pihlström
Wayne Plourde
Umasankar Saha
Anira Shakeel
Kalle-Antti Suominen
Anna-Mari Walls

In accordance with the Universities Act, the rector is responsible for the economical, efficient and effective discharge and further development of the University’s duties. Among other things, the rector is required to have a doctoral degree, a broad knowledge of the academic world as well as a vision for research and education policy, a collaboration network extending to a range of stakeholders, and solid leadership experience.

The Board of the University selects the rector for a fixed term of up to five years starting on 1 August 2023. In January, the Board will select the applicants for the first round of interviews. The names of these individuals and further information on the application process will be published at the end of January. After the first interview round, the Board will shortlist the top applicants, who will be interviewed by the University Collegium on 9 March 2023. The aim is to make the decision on the appointment by the end of March 2023.