Towards the earlier diagnosis of cancer

In addition to improving the diagnosis of cancer, Malin Sund wishes to better predict the effects of cancer therapies.

What are your research topics?

I’m a cancer scientist and a surgeon. My research focuses on tumour markers and the outcomes of cancer treatment. I investigate, in particular, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.

Where and how does the topic of your research have an impact?

Sometimes a patient’s cancer is discovered too late for us to be able to offer surgical treatment. I strive to find tumour markers that can help us find cancer earlier and, hence, treat more people. I also explore the long-term outcomes of cancer treatment and whether they can be predicted with the help of tumour markers.

What is particularly inspiring in your field right now?

By combining different types of tumour markers in unique patient data, we increase the likelihood of finding markers that affect the outcomes we are studying, such as earlier diagnosis and better prediction of the therapeutic effects.