A new psychology degree programme launching at the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki will start training specialists in psychology in the new Bachelor’s Programme in Applied Psychology. The application round for the programme will open under the second joint application procedure of spring 2024, with the first students embarking on their studies in the following autumn.

As a first in Finland, a bachelor’s and master’s programme designed to train specialists in organisational psychology will be launched. The demand for psychological expertise in society and professional life is continually increasing. A new pair of degree programmes in the field of psychology at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Medicine will meet this need.

The Bachelor’s Programme in Applied Psychology will launch next autumn, and the application round for studies beginning at that time will open under the second joint application procedure of spring 2024. The scope of the studies is 180 credits over a duration of three years. The language of the studies is Finnish, and the bachelor’s studies will be organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Students of the bachelor’s programme automatically receive the right to study in the Master’s Programme in Organisational Psychology, to be launched in autumn 2026.

Graduates of the programme will be specialists in psychology, suited to employment in a range of specialist and development positions in businesses and organisations. The programme does not confer the qualifications of a psychologist serving as a healthcare professional.

“Thanks to these bachelor’s and master’s programmes in psychology, we will start training specialists in psychology for wider public service. We believe that, with the help of this new education, we will gain future problem-solvers to support the activities of a range of organisations,” says Dean Johanna Arola of the Faculty of Medicine.

Skills in knowledge-based management and close cooperation with professional life

The programmes in applied psychology and organisational psychology rest on a foundation based on psychology and social psychology.

The studies examine, among other things, human information processing, and largely involve learning methodological skills, such as the utilisation of artificial intelligence and database skills. Alongside knowledge-based management, interaction skills are taught throughout the programmes.

The studies have a strong focus on the functioning of groups, communities and organisations. This is something that students have the opportunity to practise in study modules based on business collaboration, where the knowledge gained is applied to actual challenges and situations in professional life.

Psychological expertise for professional challenges and development

After graduation, future specialists in organisational psychology can work in, for example, HR, development or consultation positions. Their expertise can be utilised, for instance, in the middle of change, the development of occupational wellbeing or organisational processes, and in decision-making.

“Experts in organisational psychology are needed to ensure that organisations and various communities thrive in a socially and humanely sustainable manner,” Dean Arola sums up.