New collaboration to support a plant-based diet

The University of Helsinki research network Helsinki Planetary Health Hub has established international collaboration to investigate ways to support plant-based eating and its health and sustainability effects.

Helsinki Planetary Health Hub (HPHH) uses research and practical solutions to promote ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability in health systems.

Now this research network has concluded a collaboration agreement aiming to increase plant-based eating with AI-driven nutrition programmes. The platform used for the new app is the Metabite solution developed by the Finnish Wellness Foundry. The app will be launched by the US-based Game Changers Institute.

“Our collaboration will enable research in Finland and the United States on the effects of digital solutions aimed at the public,” says Professor of Healthcare Science Kristiina Patja of the University of Helsinki and HPHH.

University of Helsinki studies sustainability effects and connections of coaching

The nutrition coaching programmes implemented on the Metabite platform will be tailored for user groups including sportspersons and individuals seeking health benefits. The first users will gain access to the programmes in Finland and the United States in 2024.

Helsinki Planetary Health Hub is involved in studying how AI-assisted coaching works and affects individual diets. The researchers will also explore the effects of diet changes on the individual carbon footprint and, more broadly, sustainability.

“Building a more sustainable society and health system is a huge challenge for us. We need digital tools to support the transition to a plant-based diet. The effects of the transition must be examined scientifically. This collaboration enables novel data analytics, allowing us to investigate the connection between a change in health behaviour and sustainability,” Patja notes.