Life science faculties and HiLIFE take science to Slush

Slush Y Science brings together all those who are enthusiastic about science, business, and the future.

The Slush Y Science extension of Slush will bring together businesses and interesting science in new ways and is attracting a lot of attention right after its announcement. It started from a proposal by HiLIFE to look for new ways to collaborate across faculty boundaries and led to a collaborative project with LUOMUS, the Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy. This collaborative project is called HiSTAKES, and the aim of it is to promote societal impact and commercial possibilities of academic projects in the area of life sciences.

"The innovative board quickly scrapped the original plans and instead decided to start working on an ambitious plan to create a life science event within SLUSH", says Pia Runeberg-Roos from HiLIFE.

The rationale was the growing interest in life sciences from visitors and especially from investors at Slush. The idea was discussed and developed with University of Helsinki research services, Helsinki Innovation Services HIS, Health Capital Helsinki, HealthSPA, Think Company, Kaskas media, Biotech Club, and many others. Finally the Slush Y Science concept was formed based on three elements: basic science, company collaborations and start-up/investor interactions.

The Slush Y Science event takes place on December 1 at Kokoustamo Messukeskus and will include a networking area where researcher easily can interact with companies, investors and other organizations with an interest in science.

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