HUS, University of Helsinki and Planmeca deepen research cooperation

Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca has signed a cooperation agreement with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and the University of Helsinki. The new agreement aims to advance the research and development of new health care solutions, to deepen existing cooperation and facilitate information sharing between the parties.

In addition to HUS, the University of Helsinki and Planmeca Oy, the new cooperation agreement includes Planmed Oy, manufacturing advanced imaging equipment and accessories for mammography and orthopaedic imaging, and the leading Finnish dental supply house Plandent Oy. Both companies are part of the Finnish Planmeca Group.

“The cooperation agreement opens up whole new possibilities for dental and medical research and development,” states Risto Renkonen, Dean of the University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine. “The purpose of the agreement is to establish a long-term partnership which enables the development of new and improved clinical and preclinical solutions for the dental and health care industries. Joint ventures include dental care solutions, medical imaging research projects, workflow development projects and usability testing.”

In addition to research projects and expanded collaboration, the purpose of the agreement is to support dental and health care professionals by enabling the sharing of information on scientific and technological developments in the industry as well as career opportunities with teachers, researchers and students.

“A long-term arrangement like this sets a clear process and framework for any kind of research project,” says Planmeca President Heikki Kyöstilä.  “Accordingly, this agreement gives Planmeca Group the means to start, develop as well as test new health care concepts and solutions with industry professionals in a real clinical environment.”

“The Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH) is the medical research and training centre of the University of Helsinki and HUS where top-notch medical research, education and care come together every day. Planmeca, in turn, is one of the world’s leading dental equipment manufacturers whose range of high quality products extends from dental units to imaging devices to CAD/CAM and software solutions. Needless to say, the agreement represents a significant milestone for all parties involved,” continues professor and Director of Research at HUS, Anne Pitkäranta.

“We have all the ingredients for success here,” Kyöstilä asserts. “The ground-breaking clinical and technological competence in our country as well as our high quality education and research make Finland an exceptional environment for developing new and creative health care solutions. By combining the scientific and practical expertise of the University of Helsinki and HUS with our technical know-how and international contacts we believe we can move the entire dental and health care industry forward.”

For more information, please contact:

Risto Renkonen, Professor, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki
Tel: + 358 2941 25110,

Anne Pitkäranta, Director of Research, professor, HUS and University of Helsinki
Tel: +358 40 6430511,

Vesa Mattila, Vice President, Senior Advisor, Medical Imaging, Planmeca Oy
Tel. +358 40 500 7219,