How to get started with a business idea? Come to Health Entrepreneurship ABC workshops

Health Entrepreneurship ABC is organized by Terkko Health Hub to provide the audience with the basic knowledge of getting started with an idea. The events are focused on themes of health and life sciences.

At Health Entrepreneurship ABC events the audience will focus on getting started with an idea to hopefully turn it into a business in the future. The workshops are contentrated on themes of health and life sciences.

After going through the entire series, the participants will have a solid understanding of what is required of them to get on with their ideas.

The workshops are organized once in a month. You will learn for example on the very basics of business development, how to create impact in society and how to fund the project. You will also have an overview of intellectual properties (IP) and forms of IP protection.

During the workshops, mentors will guide participants to advance their individual cases. Workshops are suitable for people who are not experienced in entrepreneurship and who have an idea and would like to put it into action, e.g. researchers, students and clinicians.

The events are free of charge. You can participate in all of the workshops or come to just one specific event.

Schedule for Autumn:

  1. 9 September: How to get started with your idea
  2. 13 October: Validating your Idea & Lean Canvas
  3. 9 November: Funding My Idea: Why and How?
  4. 9 December: Intellectual Property Rights

Via links you will find more information of each workshop and the registration. The workshops are organized at Terkko Health Hub. Online streaming will be available during the event as well.

More information:

Saana Lehtinen

Communications Manager, Terkko Health Hub

Rashad Ismayilzada

Head of Partnerships, Terkko Health Hub