Free online course introduces the fundamentals of value-based healthcare

Rethinking health course is designed primarily for students, healthcare professionals, public servants and politicians.

Global events have shown us that healthcare matters more than ever. The world’s population is ageing, people are paying increasing amounts for healthcare, and there is technological progress in every field. Value-based healthcare has been proposed as a solution for achieving better results in healthcare – for individual patients and for society as a whole.

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) aims to fix many of the structural problems in the way we currently pursue health. Instead of focusing on reactive, diagnostic-led care and volumes, VBHC shifts focus to outcomes, such as in increase in quality-adjusted life years, or better patient reported outcomes.

For the past decade, VBHC has been the most talked about trend in healthcare. However, healthcare professionals still struggle to fully understand key VBHC concepts, not to mention applying the principles in practice.

Now the University of Helsinki, technology company Reaktor and strategy consultancy Gesund Partners have created a free online course Rethinking health: The fundamentals of value-based healthcare.

Primarily designed for students, healthcare professionals, public servants and politicians, the course provides basic information, practical case examples as well as concrete tools and ideas that can be considered for immediate piloting. Even though the main target groups are health professionals, the course does not require specific prior knowledge, and anyone who is interested in health, healthcare and its implications for society can attend.

The learnings from the course are generally applicable to all countries, yet Rethinking health uses many Finnish examples and the Finnish health system as a model to introduce concepts.

The course is currently available in English and will be launched in Finnish later this year.

The University of Helsinki and Reaktor Education are also responsible for the popular Elements of AI free online course which has over 500,000 students and is being translated into every EU official language.


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