Chemical leak over at Biomedicum Helsinki

A chemical leak was discovered at 10 o’clock this morning on the third floor of Biomedicum Helsinki. The leak was due to a container breaking in a cold room. No injuries were sustained, but the emergency services examined some individuals possibly exposed to the chemical.

The incident involved a chemical known as acryloyl chloride, which is used in the preparation of polymers. When vaporised, the substance forms, for example, hydrochloric acid. If inhaled, the substance causes severe irritation and may cause mucosal lesions.

The chemical had been in storage for a long time, and the cause of the container being broken is not known. The whole building was evacuated as soon as the leak was discovered, and remained evacuated for approximately three hours, after which all those except those working in the immediate vicinity of the leak could return to their work facilities

More information:

Professor Tomi Mäkelä, Director of Biomedicum

Tel. 050 528 6128

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