Finland's first professorship for individualized cancer treatment to be established at the University of Helsinki and HUS

The purpose of the new professorship is to promote cancer research that moves patient care towards a more individualized direction. The aim is to bring the latest innovations to patient care.

Today, on the World Cancer Day of 4 February, it was announced that Finland's first professorship for individualized cancer treatment will be established in connection with the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital. The professorship is permanent, and its first five years will be funded by donations from three pharmaceutical companies, Bayer, Novartis and Roche.

 The professorship will be established in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki to promote individualized cancer treatment through teaching, scientific research, and extensive collaboration.

The field of work of a professor for individualized cancer treatment is extensive. The professor will lead basic and translational research in the treatment of individualized cancer care and promote the introduction of related clinical applications. 

The aim is to develop cancer diagnostics and promote drug research and informed decision-making. In addition, collaboration between different stakeholders both in Finland and internationally will play an important role.

The professorship benefits both research and patients

”A professorship dedicated to individualized cancer treatment is a rarity in the world.  We are particularly pleased to be the first in Finland to receive such a professorship,” says Anne Remes, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki. 

“Our expectation is that in the future, cancer treatment will develop into an even more individualized direction.  Individualized treatment that precisely targets the characteristics of cancer improves treatment outcomes and the effectiveness of health care,” asserts Remes.

The future professor, who will be selected through an open application, will also be selected to the secondary post of Chief Physician for the Cancer Center of Helsinki University Hospital. 

“It is important that the professor also works at the university clinic because often significant research topics arise from patient care,” says Johanna Mattson, Director at the Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

“Correspondingly, the application of new research results into patient care is accelerating,” Mattson continues.

Minna Anttonen, Executive Director for the Association of Cancer Patients in Finland, considers the establishment of a professorship a great indication that Finland has confidence in the possibilities of individualized cancer treatment.  

“We believe here that patient care will be individualized in the near future. This gives patients hope. In addition, the professorship established with donations is a sign that Finnish research infrastructure is valued. Helsinki University Hospital and the University of Helsinki have already for a long time been committed to developing cancer research, and this is reflected in this unique opening.”  

Funding companies believe in an environment that promotes individualized healthcare in Finland

From the point of view of the funders for the professorship, Finland is an excellent environment for promoting research into individualized cancer treatment and for developing treatment practices. A high-level academic research field, pro-health research, and positive innovation environment as well as health information resources are a unique frame of reference. Roche, Novartis and Bayer are all internationally operating pharmaceutical companies in the field of cancer, united by the goal of bringing innovative and more targeted drug therapies for cancer treatment.

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