Twenty years of fair trade – UniCafe joins in the celebration

This year, Fairtrade Week is celebrated from 21 to 27 October. The year 2019 marks an anniversary, since fair trade has now been promoted in Finland for 20 years.

In the everyday life of the University, most people come into contact with Fairtrade products at UniCafe restaurants.

“The 20th anniversary of fair trade is also a cause for celebration for UniCafe. After all, Fairtrade products have been part of our range right from 1999,” says Susanne Reiju, UniCafe’s product development and purchasing manager.

The theme product of this year’s Fairtrade Week is cocoa, and Fairtrade Finland is highlighting the effects of fair trade particularly in terms of the climate.

UniCafe restaurants are celebrating the anniversary by offering both product specials and by increasing awareness of the campaign week and the importance of fair trade in general. The aim is to make it easier for diners to make ethical choices.

“For instance, all tofu used by UniCafe has for a long time been Fairtrade certified. In other words, when tofu dishes are on the menu, customers can choose a meal made from a Fairtrade-certified main ingredient,” says Reiju.

The University of Helsinki has been a Fairtrade University since 2013.

As a Fairtrade University, the University is committed to promoting the use and availability of Fairtrade-certified products in its purchases. For example, the coffee and tea served at official University events are always Fairtrade coffee and tea.