Teamwork skills are needed at every age – The dLearn.Helsinki project generated the spinout TeamFluent

dLearn.Helsinki was born out of a need to find a scientific solution for developing teamwork skills in communities. Based on the project as well as research in education and psychology, a solution and application were developed and, now, a spinout known as TeamFluent has been founded.

Jukka Rautiainen has been appointed the CEO of TeamFluent, a new spinout based on science and research. Rautiainen has extensive experience in competency modelling, or the modelling of skills and knowledge, as well as in the commercialisation of techniques used for measuring and developing such competencies in international environments.

“I see enormous potential in the application in the private sector, too. Profitable development of operations especially from the perspective of teams has been very much to the fore in the business sector for some years already,” Rautiainen says. 

“However, a tool so comprehensively assessed and solidly founded on scientific research that can be applied to different situations in professional life has not previously been available.”

Company founding expedited by multidisciplinary collaboration

“TeamFluent is an excellent example of the kind of innovations with commercial potential that research in education can bring about. We hope that our researchers on all of the campuses are encouraged by this to present more and more of their ideas,” enthuses Jari Strandman, CEO of Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS).

Professor Auli Toom from the Faculty of Educational Sciences has headed the dLearn.Helsinki project.

“As a researcher, it's been interesting and inspiring to have the chance to design a solution and an application that makes it possible to collect research data and subject it to analysis through multidisciplinary collaboration. The Helsinki Challenge competition was the first to provide funding for this unique opportunity, with Business Finland  following. It’s been great to see how useful the solution we have developed in the dLearn.Helsinki project has been found in practice, too.”

In addition to specialists in education, the project has involved psychologists and computer scientists, which has enabled the design and development of the application from the viewpoint of several scientific fields. The University of Helsinki Funds is providing funds for the new company, whose clients include relatively large businesses, team coaches and consultants as well as the education and teaching sectors.

Introducing the application in both the public sector and businesses

The dLearn.Helsinki application has already been piloted in a number of businesses, educational institutions and other public organisations, and it has been found to function well. Systematically assessing the activities of teams and related feedback are at the core of teamwork, as is identifying strengths and development targets. Measures based on these activities make cooperation smoother.

TeamFluent Oy was established in accordance with the commercialisation rules and processes employed at the University of Helsinki. In commercialising their innovations, researchers are assisted by Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), a company owned by the University.

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Further information:

Jari Strandman, CEO, Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS),, +358 40 6968 968 

Jukka Rautiainen, CEO, TeamFluent Oy,, +358 40 570 4768

Auli Toom, professor, Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki,, +358 50 415 4852 

Tomi Männistö, professor, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki,, +358 50 551 5463


No research-based teamwork tools appropriate for different educational levels and professional circumstances have been available until now.


A spinout called TeamFluent, whose operations are based on science and research, was established on the basis of the dLearn.Helsinki project. A tool developed by the company under dLearn.Helsinki is used to develop teamwork skills in both business life and the public sector as well as different levels of education.

Key benefits

  • From the perspective of teams, activities can be developed in an inclusive manner.
  • The tool can be used in the public sector, different levels of education and businesses.
  • The tool is based on multidisciplinary research, with specialists in education, psychology and computer science as contributors.

Business plan

The University of Helsinki Funds is investing in the fledgling company, with moderately large businesses, team coaches and consultants as well as the education and teaching sectors as customers. The application developed under the dLearn.Helsinki project has been piloted in several companies, education institutions and other public organisations.

Join us

We are looking for partners and funders from business life and the education sector who have the most to gain from smooth teamwork and an application designed for related development efforts.

Team Fluent website


  • Auli Toom, professor, Centre for University Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Education, University of Helsinki,
  • Commercial contacts: Jukka Rautiainen, CEO, TeamFluent Oy,

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