Teachers' Climate Change Forum - Materials and research knowledge for climate education in new University of Helsinki course

The Science Education Centre and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) from University of Helsinki are organizing international and participative Teachers' Climate Change Forum 2019 -course for teachers on all school levels from around the world.

Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges of our time. Teachers have a key role in educating children and youth - future makers - in their knowledge, skills and attitude. Every teacher has influence for over a hundred years; first during their career and then through their students.

Diverse teaching of climate issues is necessary. Solving climate change requires both the courage to face problems and the knowledge and know-how involved in solving the problem. Climate change should be seen as a phenomenon in the teaching, which requires a deep understanding of the phenomenon from diverse perspectives.

In the Teachers' Climate Change Forum (TCCF) 2019 course

teachers from different parts of the world are educated to deal with climate change in a versatile and meaningful way in their teaching - especially by cooperating with teachers and experts from different fields. The teachers participating in the course are themselves actively involved in co-development.

The course promotes the knowledge of teachers at different levels of education about the latest research related to climate change, as well as expertise in dealing with climate change, its mitigation and adaptation in its own teaching.

The main goal is for the teachers who have attended the course to have the advanced ability to handle climate change in a pedagogically meaningful and versatile way from the perspective of different disciplines, but also consider different beliefs or attitudes.

A key objective is also to build a multidisciplinary network of teachers at different levels of education, where teachers can share their ideas, experiences and skills after the course. The network is to build an active forum for teachers, climate educators and climate scientists.

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