Continuous learning offerings increasing at the University of Helsinki

A record number of offerings in open university education is available for the academic year 2023–2024. Hundreds of courses included in degree education are now within easy reach for those pursuing open university education. 

The University of Helsinki has significantly increased its selection of open university courses. As part of the reform of continuous learning, many faculties and units are offering an increasingly extensive selection of their teaching openly to anyone interested.  

Open university offers places on roughly 500 degree education courses previously unavailable as open university education. In the academic year 2023–2024, in all some 1,500 courses are openly available.  

The new offerings are mainly courses for degree students that are now available to a limited number of open university students. Most of these courses are organised as contact instruction. However, online courses and courses solely for open university students also remain on offer. Open university education is available at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. 

New offerings include studies in previously unavailable fields 

The extensive opening of teaching provides continuous learners with increasingly diverse opportunities for upgrading their skills and furthering their education. Alongside the established favourites, a whole new selection of degree programmes and courses will be added of which a handful are presented here:  

  • Newly available courses from the Faculty of Arts include master’s level courses in plain language, interpretation and indigenous studies.  

  • Courses included in the new Master’s Programme in the Development of Healthcare Services at the Faculty of Medicine are made extensively available as open university education, with the teaching organised online. 

  • At the Faculty of Theology, students seeking open university courses are admitted to almost all courses in the bachelor’s programme next academic year.  

  • Many language courses organised by the Language Centre are openly available. 

  • Degree education courses in pharmacy have become openly available, with interesting examples including the Natural Substances in Healthcare and Nutrition Science in Health Promotion courses. 

  • A new online course entitled Me and My Dog 3 cr is introduced at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. 

Even though most of the courses are taught in Finnish, also the course offerings in English is larger than before. Browse the complete course catalogue on the open university website  

Open university education in a nutshell 

Open university courses constitute education in accordance with the curricula of the University of Helsinki’s degree programmes and Language Centre for anyone who is interested. They are open to everyone, with no age limits or, as a rule, educational requirements. 

In 2022 more than 24,000 students took open university courses, completing a total of over 85,000 credits.