University of Helsinki investment return over 6% during the first half of 2020

Investments in fossil fuel producers continued to decrease.

The investment assets of the University of Helsinki had a return of 6.43% in the period from January to June 2020, while the relevant benchmark index had a return of -3.18% (70% MSCI ACWI + 30% BBGA EH). The University’s investment portfolio is currently valued at roughly €500 million.

Extraordinary and nonrecurring returns on startup investments, as well as solid performance on listed investments contributed to the outcome. Investments in fossil fuel producers continued to decrease.

“Our long-term goal is a carbon neutral portfolio, with reducing our investments in fossil fuel producers to zero as one means to reach that goal. This goal is likely to be met by the end of this year,” says Chief Investment Officer Anders Ekholm.

Ekholm believes that a combination of responsible index funds and science-based startups will lead to long-term success.

“Our vision is to allocate one-tenth to startups and diversify the rest efficiently.”

Marjo Berglund, chief financial officer of the University of Helsinki, states that the University aims to be a leading university investor.

“Realising that objective requires both fiduciary and social responsibility. The combination of cost efficiency and impact investing supports our goal,” Berglund says.

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