University of Helsinki to incorporate property and facility services

The University will establish an in-house company to provide the property and facility services it needs. Some of the duties of the current Centre for Properties and Facilities will remain at the University. Current staff will transfer to the new company as senior employees.

The new company will attend to the maintenance, repair, upkeep and construction of University facilities as well as their cleaning, porter and security services and transportation.

The company will provide services exclusively for the University of Helsinki Group. The new company intends to launch its operations on 1 January 2018.

Services separate from ownership policy

The University will continue to attend to property-related ownership policy, planning facility needs and ordering the services from the in-house company.

 “The University of Helsinki hopes to make its procedures clearer and more transparent with this move. Services will be produced and developed in the new in-house company, but the University will continue to plan its facility needs and make property-related decisions," says Director of Administration Esa Hämäläinen.

The incorporation will be carried out as a transfer of business, and existing staff will move to the new company as senior employees.

The University of Helsinki Centre for Properties and Facilities currently employs approximately 350 employees.

Further information

Director of Administration Esa Hämäläinen
tel. +358 29 41 22212,