Innovations presented at Slush address major questions from safety to cancer treatment

What do a bomb sniffer, cancer vaccine and the Finnish model of early education have in common? All of these innovations are from companies generated from the research of the University of Helsinki, presented at technology and start-up event Slush, which begins today. They also address global problems.

The University of Helsinki will present a record-breaking 22 science innovations at Slush. Five of them have already become start-ups, while the remaining 17 are at earlier stages of commercialisation. Slush is an opportunity to find new partners, entrepreneurs and investors.

A bomb sniffer, a cancer vaccine and an early education model

The University’s booth is hosted by Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), which is in charge of commercialising the University’s research results. The companies featured at the booth include Karsa, ProVince Tx and HEI Schools.

Karsa manufactures sensor systems which can be used to detect explosives at airports, for example. ProVince Tx is developing a cancer vaccine which will take advantage of the body’s own defence mechanisms, while HEI Schools is exporting the Finnish model of early education abroad.

"These innovations are excellent examples of the capacity of academic top research to generate solutions to the world's problems. Commercialisation will help us use research results to benefit everyone," says Jari Strandman, CEO of HIS.

University of Helsinki researchers participate in the Skolar Award competition

Slush is also the culmination of the Skolar Award, a competition for postdoctoral researchers in all fields. The main award of the competition is a research grant which will be presented to the researcher with the best research idea.

Two University of Helsinki researchers made it to the semi-final stage: Maija Hirvonen (Language as a vehicle for vision) and Mari Palviainen (Zebrafish stem cells could help us recover from injuries). The best six semi-finalists will enter the final stage on 1 December.

Welcome to the University of Helsinki booth to find out about the innovations and to meet the researchers, the company management and the HIS experts who helped make them happen! The University of Helsinki is located at section 6D.1.

Find out more about the innovations on display at the University of Helsinki booth at Slush 2016.

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