More than EUR 11 million to the University of Helsinki in the matched funding scheme – impact of donations will last for decades
The University of Helsinki raised more than EUR 11 million in donations during the matched funding period 2020–2022, which ends today. The government’s matched funding increases the impact of the donations made to the university by matching every privately donated euro with a ratio to be decided later.

“The past few years have been truly exceptional. The importance of scientific data and collaboration has only accentuated during these uncertain times. We value the fact that so many have wanted to support our research and educational work,” says Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri.

“I want to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who made a donation.”

The biggest donations were made by three different foundations. Kone Foundation donated EUR 1.5 million to the discipline of humanities. The donations made by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland to educational sciences and teacher training, and to the discipline of natural sciences, amounted to EUR 1 million each. The Tre Smeder foundation donated EUR 1 million to the social sciences discipline and EUR 100,000 to the discipline of natural sciences.

The donations strengthen the university’s research and teaching and enable new initiatives. The university has allocated the resources raised during this matched funding period to cancer research, studies on Russia’s security policies, and projects involving sustainable development. It has also decided to use the funds for a chair in Swedish artificial intelligence and the establishment of a professorship in the field of fine arts.

The impact of a donation made to research lasts for decades

The impact of the donations made to the University of Helsinki will be felt for decades to come, given that the university is a prudent and reliable investor. The donations raised during the matched funding period now coming to an end will become part of the 375 Future Fund, which is based on the funds raised during the previous matched funding period.

The fund allows the university to annually distribute support to fields of study and new initiatives that are important for the future. Over the past five years, the university has already distributed funds amounting to more than EUR 10 million.

The government will match every euro donated according to the rules during the matched funding period with a ratio to be specified later.

Fundraising set to continue

“We are committed to the long-term management of donor relations and to building partnerships. Our fundraising is not only about campaigns related to the government’s matched funding

scheme, but about far-reaching work for research and education,” says Pia Dolivo, Head of Community Relations and Fundraising.

“The power of science allows us to build a more sustainable future for us all.”

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