Finnish family business supports the recovery of the Baltic Sea - Transmeri donates 100,000 euros to CoastClim research center

With its donation, Transmeri supports interdisciplinary Baltic Sea research so that biodiversity can be preserved for future generations.

Donation was made to CoastClim of the University of Helsinki, which is a new multidisciplinary center for coastal ecosystem and climate research. For the first time in the Baltic Sea region, the center will bring together experts in marine ecology, biogeochemistry and atmospheric research. CoastClim is part of the university's zoological research station in Tvärminne, Hanko.

Transmeri is a 93-year-old Finnish family business that operates in the Finnish, Baltic and Swedish markets, among others. University Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri, Professor Alf Norkko and Research Coordinator Joanna Norkko from Tvärminne Research Station received the donation November 2, 2021, at a ceremony at the company's headquarters.

– CoastClim was selected as the target of our donation when we were looking for a project that promotes responsibility and would best support our values, says Sari Rosin, CEO of Oy Transmeri Ab.

– At the same time our company also celebrates a milestone, as our cooperation with SC Johnson has lasted 90 years. SC Johnson does significant responsibility work, for example, in relation to the protection of the seas, and our donation is in a way also a gift for our long-term cooperation and a demonstration of a similar world of values in our companies, Rosin says.

Research data helps make better decisions

CoastClim aims to provide consistent information on the interactions between the processes of the Baltic Sea and its coastal environments, as well as the atmosphere, and what this means for the climate.

– With climate change, the world is now changing so fast that we need to do even better interdisciplinary research to support decision-making. We simply cannot afford to make wrong decisions, Professor Alf Norkko emphasizes.

– This requires completely new research and also research infrastructure. Therefore, support is also needed from foundations, companies and private donors. That is why we are very happy with Transmer's donation, rejoices Norkko.

– We hope that our donation will contribute to the recovery of the Baltic Sea, which is important to us all, so that biodiversity will be preserved for future generations, Rosin continues.