€43 million for science

The University of Helsinki’s fundraising campaign has been highly successful. The donations total €43 million, and the donors number more than a thousand. The latest major donation of €1 million came to the University from OP Financial Group. Monday, 24 April 2017, is Giving Day.

The donated funds support the work of more than one hundred professors and other experts, and they are the source of millions of euros allocated to support various research projects every year. In addition, more than €600,000 are given out from these donated funds every year as grants and awards for researchers, students and research projects in different fields.

 “The donations are a significant support for the research and teaching of the University of Helsinki. Their impact is further boosted by the governmental matched-funding scheme, which may double the amount of the donations,” says Pia Dolivo, University of Helsinki’s head of community relations.

One million to develop legal studies

The latest major donation came to the University from OP Financial Group, which made a donation of €1 million.

 “As a small country, it is vitally important that we continue to have world-class expertise at our disposal in the future. The Finnish business sector must join in to fund top expertise and its development,” Reijo Karhinen, OP Financial Group president and group executive chairman, says of the major donation.  

The OP Financial Group’s donation to the University of Helsinki is unconditional and is covered by the governmental matched-funding scheme, which will expire in June 2017. The University of Helsinki has decided to use the donation from OP Financial Group to develop the field of legal studies.

Giving Day encourages donations

This Monday, 24 April 2017, is Giving Day, an event when the University thanks its donors, explains the impact of donations, encourages new donations and celebrates the recipients of University grants. The Giving Day campus points will be open on Monday from 11.00 until 14.00 at Biomedicum, Biocentre 1, Porthania and Physicum.

More information:

University of Helsinki Donor Relations

Head of Community Relations Pia Dolivo

+358 50 595 1209 or lahjoittajasuhteet@helsinki.fi