Petra Sund-Norrgård explores business contracts based on practical problems

Professor of law has focused on issues relevant to ensuring the functioning of long-term contractual relations.

What are your research topics?

My field of research is private law, particularly contractual law. I am specifically interested in issues that concern, in various ways, long-term contractual relations and how their functioning can be ensured.  

In this context, I have also analysed general principles of contractual law, particularly the principles of loyalty and fairness.  

Both of these principles can contribute to achieving balanced solutions to various issues of contractual law, which is something I strongly believe in.  

Where and how does the topic of your research have an impact?

As a scholar, my research interests have often been primarily practical: I have wished to explore issues that have proved to be unclear and have, for example, led to various conflicts and problems in business. My aim has been to produce research of relevance to industry and commerce.  

For instance, my case study on best practices in franchising demonstrates that cooperation between the parties involved in franchising can be facilitated by investing in the exchange of information during the recruitment process. The results of this research are useful for both current and future parties active in the sector. 

What is particularly inspiring in your field right now?

In an ongoing research project, we are taking the approach concerning the benefits of balanced solutions one step further by shifting the focus from conflicts to the more positive elements of human interaction: we have begun to consider the position of virtue ethics in private law. This has not been done before in the Nordic countries. 

In an ideal world, legislation would create incentives for positive behaviour rather than only ensuring that parties refrain from specific (especially) negative behaviour. This project inspires me the most right now. 


Petra Sund-Norrgård is a professor of law at the Faculty of Law.

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