The University of Helsinki to join forces with the Climate Alliance network

The International Universities Climate Alliance aims to communicate research insights on the most effective means to combat the global challenge of climate change.

The University of Helsinki has been invited to join the Climate Alliance, which was founded in the beginning of April. The University of New South Wales Sydney (UNSW Sydney), which leads the network, has invited 40 of the world’s leading universities in the field of climate research to join the network.

Alliance members will work together to identify the most effective ways of communicating research-based facts related to climate change to the public. Member universities will engage in work across climate change science, impact, mitigation strategies and adaptation. The Climate Alliance is also expected to work together with policymakers, educators and business leaders who want to apply the latest research findings to accelerate climate action.

Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW Sydney’s President and Vice Chancellor, initiated the creation of the Climate Alliance because of the vital role universities play in advancing science and solutions, saying: “This new alliance will be at the forefront of the international conversation on climate change.”

“Finland is among the top countries in climate research, and by joining this network we at the University of Helsinki have the opportunity to have a global impact on research and development in the field. Operating in the Climate Alliance also advances our goal of being an internationally recognised multidisciplinary hub of sustainability science, as stated in the new strategic plan,” says Tom Böhling, vice-rector in charge of sustainability at the University of Helsinki.

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