The University of Helsinki developing specialist training for climate experts with other universities

The INAR Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research is a collaborator in establishing a specialised programme for educating climate experts at universities of natural sciences. The education will bring together top expertise in climate science, the business world, and public-sector agents.

The new, specialist training for climate experts is meeting a growing need for climate expertise in various sectors. The reworked climate legislation and Finland’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2035 demand fast actions in different organisations. Understanding climate effects, considering natural diversity, and transferring to a circular economy require a new kind of in-depth knowledge in different industries.

“The idea of this education came upon me when I realised that the people who know the most about the climate do not consider themselves to be experts. We have a great need for this education and I am pleased that it will be based on academic principles,” says Markku Kulmala, professor in atmospheric sciences at the University of Helsinki, who has been developing the climate education programme.

All universities with education in natural sciences in Finland are participating in the programme: the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Jyväskylä, the University of Oulu, the University of Tampere, the University of Turku, and Åbo Akademi. The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) has also participated in the planning. The preparation of the specialised programme is financed by Technology Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“Enforcing the competitiveness of Finnish companies and taking possession of the opportunities offered by green growth pose certain challenges to businesses. The new specialist training for climate experts is an answer to the increasing need for expertise in climate matters, both within businesses and cities and local governments,” says CEO Tuuli Kaskinen from CLC.

“Thanks to this education, the phenomena and effects of climate change, as well as the risks and opportunities, will become clearer to experts in different fields and organisations.”

Climate change, the battling of it and adaptation to its effects concerns every line of business. The sustainability of businesses is also challenged by the maintaining of international competitiveness, green growth, and the investment and financing environment.

Graduated climate experts may act as leading experts in their own field of specialisation

Persons, who have completed the specialist training programme for climate experts, will have the competence for challenging duties as climate experts within many sectors.

The multi-disciplinary programme will include such topics as climate change and its containment, central methods and directives on climate change, and different business aspects. The objective is to promote a knowledge-based climate strategy in different organisations. The programme is completed with a final assignment that is relevant to the climate actions of the students’ own organisation.

“The specialist training will give students deeper knowledge of climate work while taking their previous education and work experience into account. An example of this is the transparency of decision-making; implementing a fair transition when we need compromises on issues of investment, technology, and wellbeing. Graduates will be able to act as leading specialists in their own field within communities and networks,” says Professor Hilppa Gregow from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Registration for the training will start at the end of year 2023, and classes will start in early 2024. The cost is 7,200 euros / 60 credits.

The public is welcome to learn more at a breakfast event in Helsinki at 8.30-10.00 on 22 August. You can also follow the information meeting remotely – the link to the live stream will be sent to participants who have registered for the event. 

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