Success for profile funding applications and centres of excellence
The Academy of Finland has granted €15 million to the University of Helsinki in the third round of research profile funding. Of the 12 centres of excellence selected by the Academy of Finland, seven are coordinated by the University of Helsinki.

The University of Helsinki has received €15 million from the Academy of Finland in funding intended to support the research profiles of universities. A total of €50 million were granted in the third PROFI funding round.

The University of Helsinki received the largest amount of funding in the PROFI3 funding round. In total, the University of Helsinki has received €34.5 million in the three application rounds for profile funding.

The latest €15 million is intended to fund 25 tenure track positions and their starter packages for the following research profile areas:

  • Atmospheric and Earth system science
  • Data science
  • Sustainability science

 “These profile areas feature existing high-quality research as well as upcoming areas which the faculties involved in the application will continue to develop. The areas support each other thematically and aim for both new research and social impact,” explains Vice-Rector Keijo Hämäläinen, who led the preparation for the application.

The theme for the third funding round was the division of work between universities and increasing cooperation.

 “We are actively developing the division of work and cooperation between universities. For example, on this funding round, we shared themes with Aalto University,” says Vice-Rector Hämäläinen.

The Academy of Finland will hold an information session on the fourth and final PROFI application round on 15 June 2017. Soon after, the University will announce its internal process for the applications.

Seven new centres of excellence

The Academy of Finland chose 12 new centres of excellence for the period 2018–2025 in early June. Seven of these are coordinated by the University of Helsinki. In addition, the University of Helsinki is involved in one centre of excellence coordinated by the University of Jyväskylä.

The result is in line with the two previous centre of excellence programmes. Of the seven centres coordinated by the University, five are new, and two have directors who are also leading centres of excellence in the programme for 2012–2017.

 “It’s wonderful to see our high-quality and high-potential research recognised, both through the centre of excellence programme and the profile funding decisions. The centres of excellence feature both new units and ones that are based on existing centres. Meanwhile, the results of the profile funding support the University of Helsinki’s strategic research areas, which were selected based on high-quality research and impact,” says Director of Development Ritva Dammert from the University of Helsinki’s Research Services.

Centres of ex­cel­lence 2018–2025