People and organization

Find out more about the people and organization of the UHealth platform.
UHealth people in news
UHealth Principal investigators

UHealth funds six Principal Investigator positions as part of its profile-building actions to strengthen adacemic leadership in the following areas of multidisciplinary research:

  • Medical sociology (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Healthcare operations management  (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Social and health services (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Social and health research and management (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Early childhood education (Faculty of Educational Sciences)
  • Nutrition (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry)

The Principal Investigators have started their work at UH in 2021-22. Click the links below to find more information about our UHealth professors.

UHealth professors
UHealth management

The management of UHealth is responsible for everyday operations and reporting. The faculties of social sciences and medicine have a shared responsibility over the management of the platform.

UHealth director (on leave 1.2.-31.5.2024)
UHealth director (1.2.-31.5.2024)
UHealth coordinator
The Executive Group

The executive group is responsible for setting annual action plans, developing the UHealth strategy and monitoring the development of UHealth activities. As of 1 November 2022, the members of the executive group are:

Kerstin Carsslon, CEO, HUS Pharmacy

Kristiina Junttila, Director, HUS Nursing Research Center

Pirjo Laitinen-Parkkonen, Director of Research, Development and Innovation, Wellbeing Services County of Keski-Uusimaa