This is UHealth

The University of Helsinki is one of Europe's leading universities in multidisciplinary health research.

We have world-leading research groups in various fields of basic research. Our medical, pharmaceutical and behavioural and public health scientists regularly discover new treatments for disease and develop new technologies for disease prevention and creative interventions for health promotion in clinical and translational research.

The societal conditions for health research are rapidly changing. Real-world feasibility, viability and sustainability is required from all new health solutions. New approaches to research are needed to combine scientific excellence and high societal impact. Wide multidisciplinary colllaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue are needed to tackle the root causes of health problems in basic research. Multidisciplinary clinical research in various real-life contexts in and outside healthcare is needed to identify the most effective and efficient ways to tackle and prevent health problems. Systematic research co-creation with citizens, professionals and decision-makers is necessary for enabling the real-world testing and viable adoption of health solutions in translational research.

UHealth – Interdisciplinary research for health and well-being is a joint platform of seven UH faculties for the long-term transformation of health and well-being research at UH. The platform was established as one of the three profile building areas funded by the Academy of Finland in 2021. In the PROFI6 profile-building period in 2021-26, UHealth focuses on

  1. long-term enhancement of multidisciplinary research capacity and
  2. research and collaboration ecosystem-building.

UHealth serves as a cooperative platform for UH faculties, research centres and networks. It develops best practices for advancing multidisciplinary collaboration within UH, including research support and researcher training. More information about the UHealth mission. Find more about our people and organization.

As part of advancement of multidisciplinary research, UHealth offers direct support for multidisciplinary research groups and projects. More information about services for researchers.

UHealth serves as a contact point for external partners and stakeholders seeking collaboration in the area of health and well-being research. More information about services for external collaborators.