TREMOR - Society, Education, Communities & Law
Coming in December 2022, TREMOR-incubator will invite all would-be societal change makers with a well-defined solution to come and dedicate themselves fully to their turning idea into reality with support tailored to their needs.

The call for teams will be open from October 3rd to November 23rd, and the programme will run from November 28th 2022 to June 21st, 2023.
Creating a better society, one entrepreneurial project at a time

Starting in December 2022, our City Centre-based Incubator for Impact in Society, Education, Communities & Law offers a place for those with a crystallised solution to a societal issue and the passion to take action around on it to come and launch themselves onto an entrepreneurial journey for good.

For those ambitious teams who get selected, we promise 6-12 months of full support with individualised mentoring to match the teams' goals, entrepreneurship guidance from the professionals at the University of Helsinki's Innovation & Entrepreneurship team, and access to networks of decision makers, experts, financiers, and other field-relevant actors to ensure that your idea can not only see the light of day, but successfully create societal change.

We will open the call for applications in or around October 2022, and further information about the programme will be made public in early autumn.

Contact us for more information, or to collaborate on the programme

Minttu Ripatti, Project Lead for TREMOR

+358 29 41 21206