Studies and Teaching

The CSDS staff & fellows teach a wide variety of courses related to social data science. These are mostly located in the Master's Programme in Contemporary Societies (COS) and its Social Data Science track.
Mas­ter’s Pro­gramme in Con­tem­por­ary So­ci­et­ies

The Mas­ter’s Pro­gramme in Con­tem­por­ary So­ci­et­ies (COS) is a multidisciplinary, research-based Master’s Programme focusing on the key themes in the dynamics of contemporary societies in a European and global context. COS is our primary study programme where we offer our new, extensive selection of courses related to social data science. Almost all our courses are open for students from other programmes.

The social data science track of COS also includes a possibility to specialize in official statistics by achieving the European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) certificate. The EMOS studies include a minimum of 6 month paid training at Statistics Finland or another partner organization as well as strongly recommending an international research visit.

Interested in applying?

Information about applications can be found on in "How to Apply to International Master's Programs" and the COS admissions criteria. Applications are typically submittable from the start of December to the start of January. COS looks for the applicability of your previous field-specific studies, the applicability of your previous methodology studies, your previous academic performance, and your motivation.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences

The Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences covers the widest areas of social science research in Finland: media and communication studies, social and cultural anthropology, social psychology, social and public policy, social work, sociology, social data science, criminology and demography.

Interested in applying?

You can find details on the Doctorate of Social Science's Admissions here. Application periods are in the beginning of April and the beginning of September. You are expected to have already fully completed a Master's degree's classes by the time of application. Funding can come either from a university employment contract, grants, or self-funding.

Courses in 2024 - 2025

Note: Courses marked with (*) exclusively for the major students of Social Data Science in the COS Programme


NOTE: the list below is under construction (19 Jun 2024) [only the headings are updated]


Intensive period (26 Aug - 1 Sep 2024)

Period 1 (2 Sep - 20 Oct 2024)

Period 2 (28 Oct - 15 Dec 2024)

Intensive period (2 - 12 Jan 2025)

Period 3 (13 Jan - 2 Mar 2025)

Period 4 (10 Mar - 4 May 2025)

Intensive period (5 - 31 May 2025)

Method courses around the University