Methods Courses at University of Helsinki
Our aim is to support researchers in social sciences and humanities in strengthening their methodological competence and in adopting novel methods. For this aim, we have compiled a list of methods courses organised by the degree programmes at the University of Helsinki.

Below you can find lists of: 

If you are a teacher on any of the courses listed and wish to have the course information removed – or if you teach a course that you would like to have added to the list, please contact the HSSH Methodological unit at

Methods courses in autumn 2022

Please check with the teacher whether the course is open for researchers. Contact details of the responsible teachers can be found on the SISU page of each course. 


MAT12002 Tilastotiede ja R tutuksi II: 

LDA-H313 Applying Network Analysis for Humanities: 

LDA-H311 Spatial Analysis and Data Exploration in History and Archaeology: 

COS-D407 Scientific Modeling and Model Validation: 

COS-D422 Scientific Modeling and Model Validation: Advanced: 

KIK-LG208 Ohjelmointia lingvisteille: 

FYS10013 Tieteellinen laskenta I: 

LDA-H305 Computational Literacy: 

LDA-T306 Machine Translation: 

LDA-T309 Corpus clinic: 

DATA11002 Introduction to Machine Learning: 

DATA20019 Trustworthy Machine Learning: 

LSI34005 Clinical Data Mining: 

LSI34005 Statistical epidemiology: 

MAST32007 Time series analysis I: 

MAST31702 Probability theory II: 

MAST33003 Nonparametric and robust methods: 

DATA11003 Distributed Data Infrastructures: 

LSI35002 Bayesian Data Analysis: 

MAST32012 Survival and event history analysis I: 

DOCPOP-119 Time-to-event data-analysis: 

MOOC courses in 2022-2023

VALT-103 Johdatus yhteiskuntatilastotieteeseen, osa 1: 

VALT-104 Johdatus yhteiskuntatilastotieteeseen, osa 2: 

TKT10002 Ohjelmoinnin perusteet: 

TKT10003 Ohjelmoinnin jatkokurssi: 

BSCS1001 Introduction to Programming: 

BSCS1002 Advanced Course in Programming: 

ENG-Ling352 Working with Text in Python: 

ENG-Ling353 Natural Language Processing for Linguists: 

DATA14003 Big Data Platforms: 

CSM90004 Data Analysis with Python: