Our initiatives

EvWell-project (2023-26) aims at developing the academic resilience of Ukrainian students during wartime. It aims at helping Ukrainian students to continue their studies at the University of Helsinki, and to have a sufficient level of well-being and energy to do so via fostering their everyday well-being and sense of belonging amidst wartime challenges.
Fostering academic resilience

Bachelor Seminar tailored to Ukrainian students, the Annual Sociology Meeting in Finland 

 As part of the "EvWell" project, a significant component involves providing academic support to students, as Kaisa Kuurne points out that, "we are an institution of higher education with the primary task of offering higher education".

Therefore, a separate seminar was created to assist Ukrainian fourth-year students in writing their Bachelor’s Theses. TAs a Lecturer in charge of developing coursework to Ukrainian exchange students, PI Kaisa Kuurne created a bilingual Bachelor’s Thesis seminar to assist Ukrainian fourth-year students in writing their Theses remotely. The bilingual pedagogy was accomplished with the help of  Ukrainian doctoral students Alina Khelashvili and Maria Prystupa.

Additionally, students were given the opportunity to participate at the annual sociological conference in Kuopio, and to submit their own research proposals. Three groups of students presented their work at the conference.

Integrating youth into the international professional networks provides resources for the national intellectual development and contributes to the resilience of education in Ukraine.
Everyday well-being and sense of belonging

Informal coffee meetings, group activities, excursions

What we, in addition, try to do in the Helsinki project, is to create space for regular student life experiences, and moments of meaning and lightness in the midst of hard times. It’s lovely to see our Ukrainian students smile and enjoy their time together," Kuurne says. "In traumatic life situations, people don’t always need professional support, but kindness, community and care. It is something all of us can give. My hope is that later in life, students would remember our community and kindness when thinking back to their time in Helsinki," Kuurne states. 

All Ukrainian students who feel they need professional support, also have a chance to talk to a Ukrainian psychologist. 

Academies4Ukraine has become an indeed essential project during my stay in Finland. At the moments, when you feel lonely or just want to spend some time qualitatively, the team introduces amazing opportunities to unite with other active members